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01 – ZOOM IN



I own a PhD in politictal sciences from Sciences Po Paris. I directed several study and research programs in France and in the Middle East. In 2005, I participated in the creation of the Arab Reform Initiative, which I am today directing. I created in 2012 the Initiative for a

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I studied law at the university of Aleppo. I started getting involved in activities of human rights advocacy, in politics, and in civil society. I had an important role in structuring local councils in Syria after the Syrian revolution in 2011. I then started working, with other militants, as a

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GUY NOEL Ibraham

I own a master in public law and am actually retired. I spent my life working in the French decentralised public system and in associations. In the 90’s, I was the vice-president of the association France Liban. I am currently responsible for an NGO working on bringing drinking water to

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I am French, from Italian descent on my mother’s side, and Irish from my father’s side, very long ago. I am a social worker for 20 years, I compose with differences to enforce women and children’s rights. Zoom In also fights for these values that I wish would be universal.

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Florence MONTEGU

I am a highschool teacher, retired for one and a half years. I taught in schools for mentally deficient pupils for 5 years before working in private catholic schools. I was a volunteer at the Restos du Cœur for 6 years, then at AGIR, to help migrant families. Two years

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