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An overview of the organization's orientations and projects

1- Peacebuilding

Project Title – Peace Ambassadors –
The problem to be solved is: violent conflicts between groups in northwestern Syria
Kurds – Arabs – Druze – Secular ideological groups – indigenous and displaced populations
Through training and securing logistics in order to facilitate their intervention in resolving conflicts
There is no similar project in the region
The goal: to build peace and achieve peaceful coexistence in northwestern Syria
Beneficiaries: Direct directors: 45 interested and able local leaders in conflict resolution, 30% women
Indirect Beneficiaries: Different and most vulnerable racial, political and ethnic groups

2- Empowering women

Project title:Women are the nucleus of society 2
The problem: the absence of women from
the political presence and adequate
representation in political, social and
political life There is not enough
of this type of project in the region
The goal:to enable women to participate
in political life and to propose peace
Region: northwestern Syria
Beneficiaries: 1000 local women and
45 women leaders 30% of the displaced women

3 - Democracy promotion

The problem: the weakness of democratic forces, their weak ability to influence
and their division. And negative competition between them
No – there is a similar project in the region
Project title: Democratic Political Activities Forum
The goal: to mobilize democratic forces, an alliance or
partnership, and transform the relationship from
a relationship of negative competition and
conflict to cooperation and coordination
Region: northwestern Syria
Beneficiaries: 45 leaders of 5 democratic political
groups, 5 civil society groups, 3 ethnic and
religious groups, 30% women

4- Gender-based violence

The problem and its causes: Exposing women to
all kinds of violence, and the neglect of
society to defend this case
We conducted a questionnaire that included 850 women and girls
Also, there is no similar activity in the region
The goal: to provide temporary shelter protection to
protect the women who are victims of violence, and
to conduct advocacy and mobilization campaigns to
reduce this problem
Beneficiaries: 75 of the women – 15 of the women in need of water or protection
Indirect beneficiaries are women and girls in general
The region is northwest of Syria

5- Young leaders

The Young Leaders Project targets Syrian youth, male and female, with a series of
trainings and capacity building activities that develop their creative intellectual
talents. The overall goal of the project is to increase the intellectual and cultural
awareness of young people and keep them away from extremist ideology by
motivating them to show their talents and follow them in order to achieve greater
success and improve youth partic
ipation in society. Civil and institutional work
through learning and coping societal problems and the intended outcome of the
project is the increase in the percentage of young people participating in creative
activities and talents more than 30%, thus encouraging the rest of the youth to
practice their hobbies, and the participation of people with disabilities in displaying
their hobbies will be the biggest motivation in order to encourage the rest of the
youth to pursue their hobbies. And developing it in order to reach distinction and
supremacy and thus overcome all the challenges that stand in their way.