peacebuilding and empowerment campaigns for women

zoom in organization presented peacebuilding and empowerment campaigns for women to reach decision-making places …

The campaign was divided into two phases:

The first stage continued with ten women the stages of leadership empowerment,
strategic planning and capacity building, so that they would be able to participate in decision-making.

The second stage was to mobilize and advocate for the participation of women in decision-making.
This stage consisted of focused sessions, a forum and the presentation of a documentary film about women
who participated in decision-making, in addition to a film about women who challenged circumstances
and reached their ambitions and goals with determination and will.


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Activities and Events

Consecutive training courses on digital security and safe use of the Internet

Training Announcement: In cooperation with TSF, ZOOM IN organisation announces the launch of registration for a series of consecutive training sessions on digital security, safe internet usage, and digital safety in northern Syria Afrin city. The training aims to: Enhance awareness about digital safety concepts and privacy protection. Develop skills for safe internet usage and

Women Political & Economic Empowerment

an online dialogue session on enhancing women’s political participation

Within the “Women’s Empowerment Network” project, Zoom In organized an online dialogue session on enhancing women’s political participation And its role in decision-making centers and with the participation of a number of women survivors and activists in Syrian society. The session was moderated by activist Silan Mustafa, who welcomed the participants and reviewed with them

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