The eastern countryside of Maarat al-Numan camp Livelihoods Relief 2014

Zoom In built two camps for the displaced who were displaced due to bombing
machinery, such as the regime forces with aircraft and heavy artillery. They were
displaced from the eastern southern countryside of Idlib. A camp was built for them
under the name “Tal Khatrah Camp” and the second called “Hessa Camp”. Its
residents were from the towns of Alteh and Maysruneh. The camp was supported
with all the supplies and needs of the camp residents including furniture, clothing,
food and water.
Syria Relief Organization assisting and protecting refugees and war victims. Early
The number of beneficiaries is 600 families.


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Productivity & Livelihood

Household Products “Second” Training

📌 Household Products “Second” Training. 🔹 Zoom in organization established the second training course in #Maarat_Misrin     #Idlib_countryside. 🔹 It targeted a number of women in the most vulnerable groups in society. 🔹 They were trained in decorating pottery and glass, making accessories and recycling clothes. 🔹 Also, ladies can add their handmade products


Job ZI-SY-FM-PO0025

الشروط والمهام لوظيفة مسؤول مالي   كود الوظيفي : ZI-SY-FM-PO0025  محافظة ادلب :  ادلب وريفها  || ريف حلب الشمالي: عفرين – اعزاز  مدة إنتهاء التقديم : 01.10.2022التقديم اخر الصفحة  المهارات والخبرات المطلوبة :  خبرة لا تقل عن ثلاث سنوات في المعاملات المالية في منظمات المجتمع المدني .  يجيد اللغة الإنكليزية محادثة وكتابة  يجيد العمل على البرامج

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