Nashaz Association and the Tunisian Association of Democratic Women…

Nashaz Association and the Tunisian Association of Democratic Women


Nashaz Association and the Tunisian Association of Democratic Women… Proposals for combating discrimination against women.

Meetings and perspectives on women’s role and the importance of combating discrimination against women in their societies have varied

Nashaz Association is one of Tunisian society’s most prominent associations, which has been distinguished by presenting ideas, sharing experiences and challenges since its inception. It seeks to contribute to building a space for discussion in order to build democracy and aspires to provide space for activities geared towards issues in politics, society and culture.

The association manager , Mr. Mohamed Ghraoui, emphasized that  raise the  political voice and the fight against racism in southern Tunisia was one of the most important issues recently addressed by the Assembly and that freedom of expression was guaranteed if it was directed and persuasive to the Tunisian people.


Discussions on the Syrian situation

On the situation in Syria, there was a question of clarity of political identity, whether it was unified and how much the Syrian people accepted the changes that had occurred during the years of the Syrian Revolution.

The answers varied by the Syrian participants, and the discussions concluded that political identities varied after the start of the revolution. The Syrian people did not agree on a single political vision or building a political bloc or a single political current due to the dispersion and distribution of Syrians opposing the Syrian regime geographically and the intellectual differences caused by the distance of the Syrians from the field Political participation during the Assad family’s rule over Syria for fifty years, and the weak political participation of women and men, which was reflected in the reality of political participation.

The representative of Zoom, Ms. Azza Ailoglu, emphasized that the organization’s efforts were currently focused on the empowerment of young people, the establishment of projects, symposiums and activities aimed at promoting democracy, peacebuilding and the initiation of women’s empowerment and support at all social, cultural and political levels in particular

Tunisian Association of Democratic Women

Activists discussed issues of solidarity with victims of violence and violations of women’s rights to exclusion and marginalization, and officials of the association stressed that the presence of women in decision-making positions through media lobbying and popular movement on Tunisian street.


The Tunisian Association of Democratic Women is an prestigious association in Tunisia, established in 1989 and the launching of advocacy campaigns from 2012, with an audible voice and radical changes, which seek to eliminate all forms of discrimination against women, defend acquired rights, develop Tunisian legislation for effective gender equality and promote women’s participation in civil and political life

At the end of the meeting, participants were invited to attend a conference entitled “Women’s right to access natural wealth”


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Women Political & Economic Empowerment

an online dialogue session on enhancing women’s political participation

Within the “Women’s Empowerment Network” project, Zoom In organized an online dialogue session on enhancing women’s political participation And its role in decision-making centers and with the participation of a number of women survivors and activists in Syrian society. The session was moderated by activist Silan Mustafa, who welcomed the participants and reviewed with them

Activities and Events

a training workshop entitled Effective Communication Skills.

A training workshop entitled Effective Communication Skills. Within the Women Empowerment Network project Zoom In Organized a training workshop entitled Effective Communication Skills. The workshop targeted a number of women in civil society organizations and humanitarian organizations working in the region. The project also seeks to improve and develop the reality of women in Syrian

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