Participation of Zoom in organization meeting with “Amal Association” for Family and Children in Tunisia.

مشاركة منظمة زووم إن لزيارة جمعية أمل للعائلة والطفل في تونس

visited in the presence of the Association Foundation, the Executive Director and the General Coordinator of Al-Manara Network, one of Amal’s partners.

During the meeting, the issues on which the Association worked and the acceptance of the Tunisian street and society were discussed.

The Association’s spokeswoman, Ms. Samia, reported that an article had been adopted in the Constitution by the Government to change the Personal Status Code, recognizing so-called single moms, recognizing their social and legal status, ensuring intensive vocational training and medical follow-up to the mother from the fifth month of pregnancy and providing for her and her child’s shelter.

She emphasized that the focus was not only on the mother but also on the child’s legal and social recognition without being stigmatized or shamed, referring to the first objective of HOPE to help women in vulnerable situations and empower women from disadvantaged environments.

Ms. Samia added that Amal also seeks to contribute to children’s best interests through enhanced access.

On the right to education, expression and participation, this concern is not the latest in Tunisian society, but it has been since 1998 and the license was obtained in 2001.

On the Syrian side, the activists spoke about the real reality of Syrian society, the difficult social conditions of Syrian women and the weak activities targeting women.

The representative of  Zoom in Ms. Azza Alioglu stated that before the war, issues of violence in general and gender-based violence in particular were not addressed, also women suffer from a dearth of political participation in Syria, and this is a type of violence, She has not been safe for the past years. Despite the emergence of some organizations externally funded  that have provided some support to women and awareness-raising, the region remains restricted and dependent on customs and traditions that limit women’s work in the political sector.

From this point of view, Mrs. Azza adds, our organization (Zoom In) seeks to gradually achieve balance by offering awareness programs, advocacy campaigns and mobilization, combating unemployment, empowering women and youth, child protection and most importantly promotion of democracy and  peacebuilding.

At the end of the meeting, the participants  expressed positive feedback in particular, the Amal Association and the Manara Project, and it was agreed to communicate in the future with the Manara project coordinator to work together to support women and combat all forms of violence.


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